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Solar Cooking

What is it about outdoor cooking that we all love? Is it the fresh air? Is the feeling of adventure? Is it the primordial memory of our pre-historic roots? Whatever the reason. Cooking outdoors is fun and festive. I love cooking outdoors. My outdoor kitchen includes smokers, grills, fryers, dutch ovens, and solar cookers.  Although […]

Easy Applesauce from the Solar Oven

Easy Applesauce from the Solar Oven

You can make easy applesauce from the solar oven. Mr. B walked in on Friday night with a 35 pound box of Gala apples and a 23 pound box of peaches that he bought from a friend’s church fundraiser.  The apples looked beautiful and the peaches smelled like — well — peaches.  It was heavenly.  […]

Smores baked in a solar oven

6 Easy Recipes for Kids

Kids love to cook. Here are 6 easy recipes for kids that can be made in a solar cooker.  These recipes are so simple that most children as young as pre-school through 6th should be able to prepare their own dish, but older children may also enjoy these fast cooking ideas.  I choose these recipes […]

Easy solar cooking project for kids

Easy Science Project for Kids

Here is an easy science project for kids. It is a very simple solar cooker. The project can be used by school or scouts and makes a great science fair project.  It can be used to teach the concepts of solar, weather, sustainable living, or cooking.  Be sure to check out my series of posts […]

King's Dominion

A Day at King’s Dominion

Last summer we finally had the chance to spend a day at King’s Dominion, just outside of Richmond, Virginia. With our daughter and four grandchildren, we spent a very fun filled day at the park. The dominating feature is the large Eiffle Tower structure in the middle of the park. It can be seen for […]