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Solar Cooking: Tips and Techniques

SOLAR COOKING TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR A BOX OVEN So you finally bought (or made) a solar box oven. You are standing there looking at it and wondering “Now what do I do”. Here are some helpful tips and techniques to get you started.  SUNSHINE Pick a clear, sunny day. Don’t worry if there are a few clouds passing over, but you … [Read More...]

Baked Eggs and Pancakes with Maple Glaze

Solar Cooking: Baked Eggs and Pancakes with Maple Glaze

If you are an early riser and like an early breakfast, it could be difficult to prepare in a solar oven. After all, solar cooking does require that the sun be up and shining.  But if the sun has peeped up over the horizon and you don't mind a leisurely morning, sipping coffee and reading the paper on the patio while waiting for … [Read More...]

Sunshine on MY Shoulder An Adventure In Solar CookingSolar Cooking

Solar Cooking Podcast

Solar Cooking Podcast Wow! Do I have exciting news to share. I have been invited to join a podcast on solar cooking today on  The time will be … [Read More...]

Almond Joy Brownies IMG_0504

Almond Joy Brownies

  Brownies. We all love them. We never tire of them.  And there seems to be an incredibly wide variation of them.  Stuffed with coconut filling and covered … [Read More...]

Kids In The (Solar) Kitchen

About Solar Cooking

Wonder Oven

Wonder Oven

Last Christmas, my daughter made me a Wonder Oven, a type of thermal box.  She found the directions online.  It is … [Read More...]

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