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Del Foods Al Pastor Street Tacos

Del Real Foods

Del Real Foods markets a line of Mexican food that includes everything from street tacos and tamales to refried beans and rice.  I was sent a sample box to try. Del Real Foods are fully cooked and ready to just heat up and eat. I decided to try the Al Pastor Street Tacos. The package gives […]

Mini SunFlair Solar Oven

Sunflair Mini Solar Oven: Review & Giveaway

Sunflair Solar Ovens now has a new miniature version, called appropriately, the Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven. I made  Stacked Turkey Enchiladas last week in this oven. . One of the best advantages of solar cooking is that it can be done almost anywhere. Without the need to carry heavy, cumbersome, and expensive fuels, a […]

Stacked Turkey Enchiladas

Stacked Turkey Enchiladas

Stacked turkey enchiladas are so easy to make. I make them all year long using leftover turkey from holiday meals or substituting leftover chicken the rest of the year.  This is a terrific way to use up those leftover pieces of store bought fried chicken as well. Just pull the turkey or chicken off of […]

Showing the Sport oven in Mesa AZ

Solar Cooking Demo at Celebrate Mesa’s Living Green Village

We spent a busy afternoon demonstrating solar cooking at Celebrate Mesa’s Living Green Village in Mesa, Arizona, USA on April 18, 2015.LIVING GREEN VILLAGE The Living Green Village was part of the larger Celebrate Mesa event. There were bouncy houses, and food vendors, and sound stages with children performing everything from Taekwondo to hula dances. […]