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Solar Cooking

What is it about outdoor cooking that we all love? Is it the fresh air? Is the feeling of adventure? Is it the primordial memory of our pre-historic roots? Whatever the reason. Cooking outdoors is fun and festive. I love cooking outdoors. My outdoor kitchen includes smokers, grills, fryers, dutch ovens, and solar cookers.  Although […]

Solar Cooking Black eyed peas recipe

Solar Cooking Black Eyed Peas Recipe

Here is my solar cooking black eyed peas recipe. Growing up in Texas, my mother made black eyed peas often. I remember sitting out on the big shady front porch on hot summer afternoons, bushel basket at my feet, shelling fresh peas from the garden for supper that night. Now I buy my peas dried […]

Old Town Trolley Tours San Diego

Old Town Trolley Tours

  Disclaimer: Complimentary tickets were provided by Old Town Trolley Tours for the review. However, all opinions are my own. Going to San Diego? Be sure to take a ride on the Old Town Trolley Tours. We were in San Diego recently and decided to take ride on the Old Town Trolley Tours.  The tour […]

windshield shade solar cooker

My First Solar Oven

My First Solar Oven My first solar oven was actually not an “oven” at all. It was a panel cooker. But I really didn’t know the difference back then.  I had become aware of, and interested in, solar cooking after sitting day after day out in the sweltering Arizona sun, tending our sales booth at […]

How to make a windshield shade solar cooker

How to make a Windshield Shade Solar Cooker

Here is how to make a windshield shade solar cooker.A simple, reflective  Accordion Windshield Shade  can easily be converted into an effective solar cooker. The silver windshield shades are very popular car accessories in the Southwestern parts of the United States. They come in various sizes and can be purchased in most general merchandise stores […]