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Mushroom & Chicken Casserole

Solar Cooking: Mushroom and Chicken Casserole

Gluten free recipes that still resemble traditional family favorites are often hard to find or recreate. Comfort foods, such as chicken casserole made with cream of mushroom soup,  present a special problem. Is the soup a gluten free food? With Vivian’s Live Again brand of gluten & dairy free mixes, favorite dishes like Cream Of […]

All American Sun Oven

All American Sun Oven: The Hottest Sun Oven on the Market

The All American Sun Oven is the hottest sun oven on the market.  I have owned and regularly used the Global Sun Oven (GSO) for 6 years. I loved it. It can be seen in most of my posts.  It was great. But the GSO had some limitations. The new Sun Oven solved all of […]